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    Brand Story

    One summer in 1866, the Qing Government of China sent an expedition team to visit European countries with the British, Director-General of the General Taxation Department of the Chinese Customs. When they came to Britain, the high-rise buildings and the streets were connected, which greatly impressed the expedition team. The most unforgettable thing for them was a court dance attended by the Queen. When they followed the interpreter into the ballroom, the ballroom was huge and astonishing. The grandeur of the hall is amazing, including the chandeliers and classical furniture in the hall. There are more than 400 dukes and ministers in the ballroom, together with more than 800 ladies and young ladies. The dancers are bare-shouldered, jewelry-like and shining, which made their trip to Europe very touching. After the ballroom, the Queen presented them with pictures of the ballroom as a souvenir for each of them. After returning to China, officials of the Chinese expedition team invited Lujia carpenter of Dongguan, Guangdong Province, to build a set of American classical furniture according to the classical furniture in the film, and presented it to the Director of the Customs and Taxation Department of Guangzhou of the Qing Government. The Director particularly liked the set of "foreign furniture". At that time, Lujia carpenter was the only American classical furniture company in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, which could be carved by hand. After more than 200 years of development, it passed on. Cheng, Lujia carpenter has become today's American high-end pure wood brand furniture, while constantly attracting foreign furniture designers, has developed and designed "French Furniture", "American Leisure Furniture", "New American Furniture", "Italian Post-modern Furniture", "Chinese-Western Furniture". While manufacturing high-end furniture, it is also constantly exploring other fields. It has developed into Huasheng Group and established a good corporate image in society.