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    Huasheng Vision: Based on China, facing the world; Sustainable development, to achieve the grand goal of 100-year enterprises!
    Brand values: innovative development, pursuit of excellence.
    Enterprise Mission: Hand in hand, win-win future.
    Enterprise spirit: pioneering, innovative, pragmatic and dedicated.
    Business philosophy: to create outstanding brand with excellent quality.
    Management concept: standardization of management and quality.
    Service Awareness: Continuously provide customers with the most competitive products and services.
    Sense of responsibility: Sense of responsibility to partners: mutual benefit, win-win cooperation and common development.
    Sense of social responsibility: caring for nature, living in harmony, and striving to return.
    Talent Idea: Explore, cultivate, motivate and blossom.
    Learning Concept: Continuous Learning and Accumulation, from Excellence to Excellence