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    Company Profile


    Guangdong Wahsing Furniture Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, We’re a furniture enterprise which integrating on R&D, manufacturing and marketing.

    We’re specializing in the production of all-house customization, villas, clubs, hotel project, supply high-end furniture, our group includes 3 major brands "SHENGTAOGE", "SHENGTAOGE II ", "WAKEI". After more than 20 years of furniture trading business ,our scale expanding , brand reputation improving , social responsibility improve , our reputation has been highly recognized by all industry associations.

    We, Guangdong Wahsing Furniture Group Co.,Ltd. has successively purchased the furniture production equipment from Germany and Italy, built 100,000 square meters of furniture production line ,and marble processing line, and adoption of modern management, used the concept of lean production, and constructed the unique stander management system.

    Wahsing Furniture upholds the grand strategic goal of "basing on China, facing the world, sustaining development, and realizing a century-old enterprise". In 2012, Wahsing Furniture began to develop in other fields, such as finance, real estate investment and entertainment business .

    At present, Wahsing Group takes "focusing on the main industry, strategic transformation" as its faith, gradually builds a "high-end furniture manufacturing, financial innovation, trade processing, real estate development, life and entertainment" integrated five part diversified industrial pattern, and strives to become an enterprise with international service capabilities.

    Brief Introduction to ROYAL VEGAS

    ROYAL VEGAS is one brand of Guangdong Wahsing Furniture Group Co.,Ltd. It is the high-end customized furniture of projects, hotels, villas, clubs, private houses and model rooms launched by Guangdong Wahsing Furniture Group Co.,Ltd. It forms a super-strong lineup with "SHENGTAOGE" and "WAKEI". Products cover American, French, Italian, simple modern styles, to meet the needs of customers in any furniture field of customization.

    Wahsing Furniture has exquisite design team and service team, adhering to the quality of products and the perfect pursuit of technology, include design, decoration, manufacturing, installation to provide customers with professional one-stop engineering solutions. Successful completion of Sheraton, Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Marriott and other international famous hotel projects, after years of solid experience, constantly expand the scale, constantly enhance brand reputation, strive to become the most dynamic and influential furniture brand.